Kim is a communication genius. She took six separate dairy-focused initiatives and built an amazing story (video) – supported with interviews of key clients and manufacturers – to showcase innovation and activation for a DMI board meeting. She is capable of quickly understanding a clients’ business and goals. She has strong relationships with key suppliers to deliver a complete solution. Not only is she passionate about every initiative, she is a delight to work with.

-Karla Fleming, Group Account Director, Geometry Global

I have known Kim for more than 20 years. And she has all the attributes it takes to lead any group within an organization. She loves the term “change management.” I frankly think it is not a descriptive enough term that defines Kim’s most powerful attributes. She is a powerful leader who uses all her strengths (intuitive and learned) to understand people. And she uses those strengths to help create real transformation within an organization. Kim’s most powerful attribute lays the foundation for her ability to lead a Team of Cultural Diversity!

-Manny du Mont,  President, du Mont Communications

Kim’s strong project management skills, business perspective and excellent communication ability set her apart. In her work with BlessingWhite, she was able to bring her consulting skills to bear in helping us deliver great results work for our clients.

-Angela Hills, Executive Vice President, Pinstripe and Ochre House

Kim is a brilliant partner and collaborator who brings enthusiasm and intellect to all her work. Her greatest strength may be her empathy and ability to understand the needs of the target audience.

-Jeff Boarini, Director Operations Group/Creative Services, McDonald’s Corporation

I had the opportunity to work with Kim on a very large project for my company.  My task was to develop an 8-hour soft skills training program that would be delivered to 17,000 front line customer service agents.  The ultimate goal was to improve our customer satisfaction ratings.

We had a short development timeline and I had little experience managing this type of project.  Kim was brought in as a consultant to help me develop the curriculum and associated instructor guide.  She immersed herself in an industry that was somewhat foreign to her.  Still, she figured it out quickly and delivered an amazing product.  With only a couple of meetings and a few phone calls, Kim converted my pile of notes and ideas into a well-organized curriculum.  Kim has an amazing talent for asking clarifying questions to bring vague ideas to the true desired intent of the message.  The curriculum and instructor guide were well received by a team of 36 mostly, inexperienced instructors.  These instructors then delivered this training with an 87% positive rating on content and 97% positive rating on instructor preparedness.

-Jeff Leifer, 
Manager, Training Design – Above The Wing, 


Kimberly Lord has to be one of the very best producers I’ve worked with. She’s a great communicator of creative ideas, and she knows how to shape and channel ideas for a project’s needs. I find that her clear focus and direction help me as an artist to bring out some of my best work. Whenever I work with Kim, I’m always confident that her vision will produce great results.

-Alex George, Art Director/Animator

What more can I say about Kim other than trust. Trust in the quality of her work, trust in her commitment to the project, and perhaps most important, trust in the character and integrity of her as a person. Kim Lord embodies the value of trust in everything she does and with everyone she encounters!

-Joe Cavanaugh, Founder/CEO, Youth Frontiers, Inc